There are a whole bunch of great 
links on this page. We try to 
keep them up to date, but if 
you have any trouble with them, 
just let us know, and we'll make 
the proper ammendments. Thanks!

-Aaryn's Mommy

All About Me!

Hi there! My name is Aaryn Delenn, and I hope that you like looking around my page. My mommy and daddy made this for me, so that if you know me, you can watch me grow! And if you don't know me, maybe you can have some fun on my page!

I love winnie the pooh a lot, so mommy put him and all his friends all over my page. Do you like Winnie the Pooh too?

Mommy promised me that she would put lots of fun stuf to do on my page, so check back and see every so often!

Baby Links! A great resource
Baby Zone: Another great resource Great Information
Baby Center: A must see link
Wimzie's House: My favorite t.v. show has lots for kids and big people both!
Sesame Street: This place has lots of cool stuff to play with!
Home: Back to the Home Page

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