Neat Games and Stuff to Do!


You will need: 
Curling ribbon or string 
CheeriOs or Fruit Loops 
String the CheeriOs or Fruit loops onto the ribbon 
or string and tie it to make a necklace or bracelet. 


You will need: 
Your child's picture 
Popsicle sticks 
Food coloring 
Rubbing alcohol 
small stickers or anything that will decorate 
the frames. 
Either self sticking magnetic stripping 
or curling ribbon (depending on how you want to hang 
the frame). 
In advance, soak the popsicle sticks in different color mixtures 
of rubbing alcohol and food coloring. Let them dry thoroughly. 
Glue the sticks together in a square. 
When they dry you can decorate them with glitter, stickers, etc. 
Glue the child's picture onto the back of the frame. 
Now either stick a magnetic strip to the back or glue a loop of 
string to the top. 


You will need: 
bubble solution 
at least one bubble wand 
food coloring 
Add any color food coloring to some bubble solution, the more you 
add, the darker the painting will be. 
Simply blow the colored bubbles onto the paper to make different 
patterns of circles. 


you will need: 
2 cups dawn dishwashing soap 
6 cups water 
3/4 Cup corn syrup 
Mix all ingredients together, now you have your own home made 


You will need: 
anything for a fake bone, it can even be a ball or a small toy. 
Have all the children sit in a circle. 
pick one person to be the puppy. 
That person has to get up and go hide his/her eyes while 
pretending to sleep. While the "puppy" is hiding it's eyes you give 
the bone to one of the children in the circle. The child must 
hide the bone in his/her hands, in his/her lap. 
Have all of the other children act like they are also hiding 
something in the same way. 
When the bone is hidden have the children say, all together, 
"puppy, puppy, where's your bone? cops and robbers took 
it home. Wake up puppy!" 
Now the "puppy" comes and stands in the middle of the circle 
and gets three guesses to find out who has the bone. 
If the child guesses right then he/she gets to pick the next 
person to be the puppy. If not then the teacher can pick. 

You will need: 
Construction paper, blue and red. 
A black marker. 
A bowl, bag or something for a hopper. 
How to make it: 
1. Cut out 1 square of red construction paper (6 inches x 6 inches) 
for each child. These will be their bingo cards. 
2. Draw a 4 inch x 4 inch square in the middle of the red square. 
3. Make a grid inside the 4x4 square by making lines every 1 inch. 
4. Draw random letters in each square of the grid with the black 
5. Cut out 1 set of 16 blue (1 inch x 1 inch) squares of construction 
paper for each child. These will be their bingo chips. 
6. Draw the letters on the blue squares to match the letters on the 
child's red card. 
7. Cut out 26 blue (1 inch x 1 inch) squares of construction paper. 
8. Draw the letters of the alphabet on the blue squares, these will 
be for your hopper
9.Place the letters in the hopper.
10. Make sure each child has a card. 
11. Draw letters out ofthe hopper, and call them out to the children.
12. Whoever has a line of letters marked on their card can call out 'BINGO' and that child has won the game!

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